Angus Meek Architects



Proposed redevelopment

We thank you for participating in our recent public consultation event for the potential redevelopment of the Annesley Miners Welfare site.

Further to our consultations, we have undertaken formal a Pre-Application submission to Ashfield District Council; The responses from our exercises to date have now been received for consideration to inform proposals moving forward.

In addition, the current site owners have engaged in positive discussion to investigate potential football club use for the pitch area with a local club tenure remaining a preferred approach at this time.

It is hoped that a full planning application will now be progressed for submission in July. The District Council will undertake further consultation as part of the planning application and we will also be pleased to receive your comments.

We will continue to keep you informed as the process moves forward. If you no longer wish to receive updates on this scheme please use the below link and fill in your name & email address to confirm: